"Is" (by Galldino - translated by Débora Lopes)

Based on song "Panapaná"

If love had no fear or plot.
If it was deep, If it was endless.
Without modesty, it was febrile.
Tense and rotund.
Continuous and fecund.
Continuous and fecund.


If love had no owner or damage.
If it was without direction or root.
If it was banishment under possession.
Target and arrow.
With no fear or goal.
With no fear or goal.

If it was, it wouldn’t be love.

Must doubt the eye investigating the passion.
Uncovering between the hole of the lock, where the fragile one is crouching down and secreting.
Must distrust the one-eyed rejecting an abdication of heat.
And not exposing his reverse to the beast, his “poor”.
Must doubt the opaque being celebrating the strong and decided coldness.
Distilling boredom in front of the breathless and supplicant lover.

Confused, that splendid and proud one for such bravery,
Is going to piddle in the naive and sweet flower whose love revives.
Is going to lick the humped doubt, the misfortune misery.
Numb, is going to devour the head, by the vile and damn tail.

Must distrust the gardens, staggering bird.
The nakedness pilgrim burning in fire,
Dance in the air with no doubt about the pollen that wind credits.

If it was, it wouldn’t be.
Love is just "IS"!